If you want your child to pass the 11 pass exam, then you have to put some effort to get success. Because it can be really hard for your children to concentrate on their current education and to prepare for the exams. Even the best students cannot maintain both schedules. In the beginning, you can create a small schedule. It will be more than enough to start preparing for the exam. Even if you make them study for long hours, it does not be much effective. Therefore, start slowly and show your encouragement in various forms. By encouraging daily, your child will never become tired of learning new things.

One of the most effective ways to prepare for the 11 plus exam is by practicing different papers. 11 plus exam papers help your child to understand the test, and it is easy for you to check their knowledge. Moreover, your child gets to familiarize with the layout of the exam. When the exams are in the next few months, you can make your child take mock exams with timings to see how they cope with the allocated time.

child to pass the 11 plus exam

After completion of few papers, you could easily identify the weakness of your child. Now, you can focus on their weakness by allocating separate time. Also, taking some breaks during the preparation can be a huge relaxation for your child. When you overload stuff, it may not help you to get the results. Below are few basic tips on how to make your child prepare for each subject.

  • English paper can be challenging even to adults. So, you need to put some extra effort into the preparation. The paper involves composition and comprehension. So, you need to give enough writing practice to your child. Ask them to read regularly and describe something that they like the most. Because this paper is usually to check the creative writing skills of your child.
  • Next, you should focus on verbal reasoning. Many would think this area does not require preparation. But if your child does not see the question type before, they may not try the question. Make them learn grammar and vocabulary for this session.
  • Don’t think non-verbal reasoning is less important. Preparing this chapter is a kind of relaxation as they practice only shapes, and patterns. It consumes time, and so you need to make your child solve the question within few minutes.
  • For mathematics, your child needs to understand arithmetic concepts. Give many problems for your child to solve. When they learn the basics well, they could easily solve complex things.